Pandemic Puppy Preschool Training
Pandemic Puppy Preschool Training

Pandemic Puppy Preschool Training

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This class is taught by Amber Overwater CPTD-KA from Clicker Hounds. 
These classes will be limited to 6 dogs with ONE owner per dog allowed for each class.
Classes will be held outside in our fenced back compound when the weather is appropriate or indoors in our air conditioned daycare room.

Please visit our website or email for a full list of rules and a copy of Clicker Hounds waiver to bring with you for the first class. 
Pandemic Puppy Preschool 
Session #1
Wednesday August 18/21 7pm
Wednesday August 25/21 7pm
Wednesday September 1/21 7pm
Wednesday September 8/21 7pm

Total 4 classes 
Pandemic Puppy Preschool
Recommended for puppies under 8 months
In this class we focus on positive reinforcement & force-free techniques to help shape and guide puppies to their potential. Catch up your puppy's basic skills of sits and downs, stays, automatic attention, handling for grooming and vet visits, zen work, and puppy recall.
We will also discuss techniques to help with potential challenges the pandemic puppy may face.
Week 1 - Starting off on the right paw
What is a clicker?
Automatic Eye Contact
Sits & Downs
Handling for vet and grooming visits
Week 2 - Exploring the world
Leave it 
Socialization chat
Saying "please!" 
Zen work 
Week 3 - Being your dogs advocate
Wrapping up handling for vet and grooming visits
Preventing separation distress 
Empowerment games 
Puppy Recalls 
Week 4 - Graduation Fun
Puppy Agility 
Recall Tunnel
Tricks with a purpose