Focus Training

Focus Training

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Focus Training   


This class is taught by Andrew Din  

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing we are asking that only one owner join training at this time and no children please

Fee $150 + GST

Session 1            

In this class we focus on teaching body language and eye contact. Socializing with an alpha dog, how to approach your dog with training and basic commands, "back", "focus", and "sit". 

Session 2

We will work on keeping dog social dynamics separate from human social dynamics. Using the proper tone of voice and changing it appropriately. Learning the basic commands "down" and "food stay". 

Session 3​

Learning the shaping technique and basic commands "up" and "shake a paw".

Session 4             

In this class we address unwanted behaviours and learning the commands "stay" and "come".


What to bring:
1)Treats (A treat that your dog will want to work for)
2)Collar (Martingale is preferred)
4) Training waiver for the first class (This can be downloaded from our website, in the training section)

Please be sure to clean up after your pet if they make a mess in the facility. Paper towels, cleaning solutions and garbage cans will be available.

Please arrive up to 15 minutes early for the class, if the door is locked, Andrew has not arrived yet.

Location: 4-931 Redonda St
Trainer: Andrew Din
Phone: 204-930-2309