Flannel Fringe Snap on Bandana

Flannel Fringe Snap on Bandana

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This bandana is made with a soft flannel fabric
and comes with two heavy duty snap buttons at the back so you are able to adjust with in a couple of inches.

Please read the note below & select the bandana size based on your pup's neck size:

XS: 9-11" 
S: 11-13"
M: 14-16"
L: 17-19"
XL: 20-22"

All our bandanas come with two snaps and the snaps will be placed exactly at the measurement specified. For example, In a small sized bandana, the snaps will be placed at 11" and 13" respectively. So if your dogs neck size is 13" for a collar, please select the next size bandana as the bandanas are worn a little more loosely than a collar. Also, if your dog is fluffy, please select the next size!