Biothane collar: Grey with Black Hardware

Biothane collar: Grey with Black Hardware

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Biothane collars are made by DogDog Goose in Alberta Canada.

These collars have the soft texture of leather, but they are stronger, more durable, easy to clean and come in fun colours. 


Biothane is an extremely durable and resilient waterproof material so it requires little in the way of maintenance to keep it looking bright for a long time, but there are a few things you can do to help prolong the life. Regular cleaning with a gentle detergent and an old toothbrush can tackle most spots and dirt with ease - for the tougher stains, I recommend using a dab of rubbing alcohol in addition to the earlier mentioned items. Tarnish that has transferred from the metal hardware onto the biothane may require some additional scrubbing/muscle to remove, especially if intervals between cleaning are long.

While biothane is an incredibly versatile material that can withstand MOST of the dirt and grime it comes across, please note that it is not completely stain proof in all circumstances.


With the exception of the solid brass options, all of the hardware pieces I use to construct my collars are coated or plated. This simply means that they are constructed from a durable base metal (often steel or zinc), coated with a secondary material such as copper for better adhesion, and then topped with the final layer that you see such as gold, rose gold, or nickel (or powder-coated in the case of the black hardware pieces).

Over time with use, it is normal for this coating to wear causing the colour of the hardware to change - this change is aesthetic only and does not affect the durability of the hardware. The rate and degree to which this finish wears can depend on a variety of factors such as how often your dog wears the collar and how rigorous their adventures in it are. Abrasive actions such as scratching, rubbing against other hardware components (martingale chains, leash clasps, ID tags, etc), or contact with hard/abrasive surfaces (rubbing against concrete or asphalt when doing leash dragging work, etc) will cause faster wear. Finish wearing is not a failure of the hardware and is not covered under the lifetime hardware warranty.

Please note the leash and collar are sold separately. 

*** All SMALL collars will be 5/8" wide
*** All MEDIUM-XL collars will be 1" wide unless otherwise stated.
For best fit, we recommend measuring your dogs current collar.

X Small 7-11”

Small 10-14”

Medium 14-18”

Large 17-22” width 1” 

X Large 17-21” width 1.5”